Old Fashioned Writing

I have recently discovered a notable difference in my writing when I type my thoughts on a computer as opposed to writing them with a pen and paper. Many people consider writing to be a sedentary thing, performed by a motionless, stagnant individual. In reality, the exact opposite is true. While the majority of a person's body may be still while they write, the motion of the hands and the wrists is key to the motion of the mind. The striking of computers keys is quick, deliberate, and to the point, while handwriting is a fluid dance across the paper. One way of writing is not better than the other, but writers should be aware of the differences these different mediums cause in one's style. Like a picture drawn in oils is not the same as one painted in water color, the rhythm of a piece of writing changes with the method that brought it to birth. All writers should experiment with different ways of recording their words and learn to understand the differences. By paying attention to subtleties such as this, a writer can learn to refine their craft.


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