The Trouble with Editing

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At some point, every writer runs into that problem of finishing a work. After the first round of edits, you reassure yourself that every flaw will be ironed out in your next revision session. Then when you sit down next time, you tell youself the same thing again. Before you know it, you've revised a piece so many times you've lost count and still don't feel that you're finished. So how do you know when your work is finally done?

The hard truth is that it never is. Writing isn't like baking a cake and we shoulding think like it is. Revising is all about tasting, baking a little longer, then tasting again. What we must strive to achieve is the essence of the piece. What is the writing trying to communicate? Identify the emotion or message burried at the essence of your piece and focus every word on this point. Your piece never may be "finished." There will always be another coat of polish you can rub over it. Instead writers must learn to dig to the heart of their piece and show this through their writing. At some point, we must grace our work with our blessing and send it off into the world, so focus on this when finding a stopping point. Writing is more like a snapshot of the present, preserving something that is everchanging in words foreve

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