Why Readers are Like Zombies

I was recently talking with one of my friends and she brought up a boy she had been seeing for a time. "I don't call him anymore," she remarked. "He was so confused. When he asked me why I don't text him anymore, I told him it was because he doesn't read! If he wants to date me, then he should read books."

She made a good choice. I have always found readers to be the best group of people to be around. They have so much more insight into the world and vastly more stimulating conversation, not to mention some degree of wit. Readers are like zombies. Though we may not talk a lot, we have strength in numbers and continue to recruit new members to our ranks through our bites (figuratively and I suppose sometimes literally). One day, we shall dominate the earth! Without a doubt, readers represent the most fascinating portion of our population. For those who don't read, watch out. You may find yourself friend or date-less.

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