Keeping the Old

Painting of Field
Never throw out your old writing. Never. It doesn't matter if you think it's garbage, or if it is garbage. Don't toss it out. Years later, after you have completely forgotten having ever written these things, you will come across an old notebook filled with wonderful ideas. Yes, it will be less refined, possess less skill than your current work, but there will be gems there. You never know when you will come across an idea unfulfilled or a writing style abandoned that you can resurrect.

Looking back on old writing, it is funny to realize what we wrote about when we were younger. While much of it will have changed over the years, much of it will have remained the same. Learn to identify the common themes in your writing and explore them in a different light. There is much that stays the same about you over the years. And while it is perfectly acceptable to continue exploring the same ideas, a good writer is one that can delve through the same ideas in new ways.

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