The Breath of the Morning

There is some beauty in the morning that no other time of the day can match. As the first fingers of light crawl into the day and the birds begin to wake with a song in their lips, the world is poised at the pinnacle of potential. The course of the day is deliciously unpredictable and the myriad of possibilities flutters the heart.


For this reason, I love to write in the morning. That time after just waking up, when the sun is stretching into the sky just outside, is one of rich creative power. There is an urgency in the words I write in the morning. The paper can sense my anticipation of the day ahead and the urgency to grasp for the various outcomes. All the trials and joys of the next several hours lie before me like the wide world before the young traveler. My excitement and fear floods into my writing during this time, giving it new life and teaching it to breathe.

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